Wireless Controls and Automation

 365 Days Programmable Time Clock 12, 24 VDC and 120-220 VAC

4 Channel Smart Time Clock 365 Days,

4 Independently zone controller,  Expandable to up to 12 zones
USB interface for uploading, downloading of programs and events

Controller with USB interface, CD with software, electronic manual & examples

Real Time Clock: Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years,
Daylight Savings,
  Multiple daily/weekly or year events,

6 Programmable inputs for: Override, Sensors, Security, Photocell or BAS 

Output mode: pulse, continuous, delay. Add; ON delay, OFF delay, Cyclic timers, 
counters, pulse, Logic functions, Boolean, Latch, Sequence relays, and more!


SG212HRD24USB   24VDC   $279.99

SG212HRD12USB    12VDC   $299.99

SG212HRAUSB   120/220VAC   $289.99



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