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   Wireless I/O

Wireless Bidirectional Digital inputs / Outputs,  allowing for complete control and monitoring

2 Miles (3.Km) open-air range
3000. feet ( 900.m) in-building range

Optional extended range <20 Miles
Weatherproof enclosure: IP67

License free 430 - 450MHz Industrial
No parameterization nor programming required
No Internet, Transparent I/O System
No third party cell, No monthly fees
You have full control over your own carrier
Power system 12/24VDC solar backup ready
Status indicator for each channel, Easy setup

 Please call or request for price

               Images are for reference only See Product Specifications

938202 Special Order


938202  TWO Channel   2 Digital inputs2 Digital outputs

Package Include:
Master & Slave Transceiver
W DIN terminal Blocks
NEMA4 enclosure
11.81 x 7.87 x 6.29 in. 299.97 x 199.90 x 159.77 mm


938204  Special Order

938204  FOUR  Channel   4 Digital inputs
,  4 Digital outputs

Package Include:
Master & Slave  Transceiver
W DIN terminal Blocks 
NEMA4 enclosure
11.81 x 7.87 x 6.29 in. 299.97 x 199.90 x 159.77 mm

     938208  (8) EIGHT CHANNEL   8 Digital inputs,  8 Digital outputs




 8 Digital inputs, 
 8 Digital outputs

DIN rail mount 145 x 90 x 40 mm

DIN mount, or NEMA4

Please request for price

938208  Wiring Diagram
 Images are for reference only See Product Specifications

   Digital  Input / Output
Supply power 12 VDC 10% @ 500 mA
Inputs Digital dry contact N/O ( Normally open )
Outputs Relay contact 1A  N/O 30VDC 
Output Mode Normal or Retain status on power failure
Ambient temp 14 to 140 F (-10 to 60 C)
Ambient RH 5% to 95% RH non condensing
Connection Terminal screws DIN
Response 500 msec
Weight 5.2 lb (2.40kg)  each unit
TTL operation  5V TTL  i/o  switching speed 40 Hz
   Radio System
Frequency 433 MHz
Receiver  Digital 16 bit, sensitivity -110 dBm
Configuration DIP switch
Data rate 19.2 KBPS
Antenna external 50 Ohm optional  ( Omni or Yagi)
Compliance FCC CFR part 15.247
transmission Digital Encoded Gaussian_frequency-shift
Transmitter Channels 16 addresses per system 
Transmitter power per FCC Part 15.249,  50mV/m @ 3m
Enclosure ABS plastic see individual model
  Optional accessories

3 Element Yagi Antenna
433 MHz, Gain: 7 dBi
Rating: 150 Watts,
Coax Cable and connector
Length:  18", Weight: 1.4lb


12 Element Yagi Antenna
433 MHz, Gain: 14 dBi
Rating: 100 Watts,
Coax Cable and connector
Length: 64", Weight: 5.4lb


Omni Base Antenna
433 MHz, Gain: 3 dBi
Rating: 150 Watts,
Coax Cable and connector
Length: 37", Weight: 3.4lb

Omni Magnetic Base  
433 MHz, Gain: 0 dBi
Rating: 10 Watts,
Coax Cable and SMA connector
Length: 7", Weight: 0.4lb

Antenna Specifications


Enclosure Options:

NEMA 4X Non Metallic

NEMA 12  Metallic

NEMA 6 Ex-Proof

Sub-Zero  acclimatized

939000 Analog I/O

Bi Directional Wireless

I/O Analog  4-20mA

Applications:  PLC remote I/O,  Switching system, Pumps, Monitoring, Process control, Machine operation.
Field control operations, power generators, solar systems, mobile applications, security, parking lots, traffic control,

 Specifications and prices subject to change without notice  I/O





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