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   Wireless Radio Control Components


Heavy duty radio control

2 to 10 Miles ( 3 to 16 km )
    line of sight, 

  Optional <12 Miles (20 km)
  16bit,digital encoded, 
  Solar ready
  Pole mount ready 
  Large antenna selection. 




   Analog wireless controller

Multi-point wireless I/O 
4-20mA or 0-10V source
Factory process control PLC
   937700 Long range

  30 Miles (50 km) line of sight
  Pump, lighting, Monitoring
  Low power drain, Solar ready




 Bidirectional radio

   Bi directional radio control
   5 Miles range line of sight
Discrete I/O and 4-20mA
   Class I, Division 2

Solar systems   Power supply
  OEM components:
  Analog I/O   DIN rail mount systems
  Special applications:  

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