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   Wireless Controllers

   2 to 10 Miles  (3 to 16 km) line of sight,  3000 feet (900m) partially obstructed

Heavy duty  Long Range Field control operations, irrigation, lighting, generators, solar systems, pumps, test sites, monitoring, marinas, farm perimeter. Very flexible; the users can tailor long-distance links to their needs for remote control and monitoring, industrial sites, switching systems, traffic, security.  ■  Specifications   Applications  

937161  1 Channel Transmitter



 937061   1 Channel Receiver



937164     4 Channel Transmitter



937064   4 Channel Receiver

  Operation 27 MHz digital encoded, industrial band
  5 Miles (8 Km) line of sight, 3000 feet (900 m) obstructed. 
  Enclosure: Weatherproof specification: IP67, NEMA4X
  Dimensions 9.5"W x 6.5"H x 4"D (240 x 160 x 100 mm)
  12 VDC, Transmitter 2A (1 Sec.), Receiver 100mA
  Transmitter Input: Dry Contact
  Receiver Output  N/O and N/C relay 1 Amp @ 32 VDC. 
  64536 digital codes @ 16bit, Solar ready 12VDC
  Antenna 50 ohm, Antenna sold separately
Power supply

Transceiver 4 Channel
Specifications 937440

    Antenna selection

Long Range Wireless Repeater


Yagi antenna 937098


Omni antenna 937048 


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