IAQ Products

Create clean air environments for our commercial and residential customers, while providing valuable, real-time                                                                    data through our innovative application.

The Migro™ MP-B3 (Industrial Air Quality Monitor) is an intelligent air comprehensive index monitor. The Migro X4-MP is a smart controller suitable for wall-mounted fresh air, central air conditioning, dehumidifiers and other equipment. It is equipped with a 4-inch LCD touch screen, real-time display of monitoring data and device operating status, with Wi-Fi communication capabilities, making it easy for customers to view data directly on the device.

Our patented Migro™ bi-polar ionization units provide our customers with clean air and peace of mind. The use of bi-polar ionization technology creates and disperses positively and negatively charged ions into the HVAC units of buildings.

Our state of the art mobile application provides our customers with a visualization of air quality readings through wirelessly transmitting real-time data from Migro™ devices.