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   Wireless Links         Wireless  I/O Point-to-Point Monitoring and Control

Migro® Long Range Wireless I/O Unidirectional and Bidirectional analog and digital modules

938200  Bidirectional Specifications 938208 DIN Specifications 939000 Analog Specifications
   Features and operation           

Range up to 20 miles (30 km) line of sight, partially obstructed 1500 ft (400 m)
Wide I/O selection: Discrete, relay, TTL, Analog 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA
■ Reduced installation and maintenance costs by eliminating cables
Mobility for interchangeable automation components, full wireless I/O communication
■ No operating costs for transmission media, thanks to wear-free wireless technology
Quick simple and friendly installation, easy start-up, Safe: No PC or internet setup



■ Process bidirectional circuit status
■ Laboratory control and monitoring
■ Monitoring levels, pressures, status
■ Pump/motor control and alarm
■ Wireless Instrumentation status levels
■ PLC I/O extender
■ Hazardous areas transceivers
■ Transportation systems
■ Perimeter monitoring and control
■ Cable replacement.

Migro Wireless I/O modules offer a simple and reliable solution for point-to-point wireless. Two modules link together and function as a wireless cable for digital input - output signals. These modules are of  bi-directional communication, low latency, low power, and long range. With its GSFK modulation technique, Migro™ modules are well suited for noisy industrial environments. No complex configuration or development is needed to create reliable wireless networks

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