Wireless Controls
 Pumps, Lighting, Alarms, Monitoring

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 10 Miles (16 Km) +  

1     Multiple channels Wireless System
Migrocom 165
2   Industrial Wireless Radio Control

Wireless Pump Control

   System Selection

     3  Remote Pump Controller ( Auto Tank Level )

New advanced wireless technology

■ Better performance and range
■ Output control: timing, pulse, latch
■ Extended range power amplifiers
■ Wider Frequency band selection
Reliable fail safe transmission mode 
Self Sustained Repeater     
FCC Certified
915422 Automatic 2Ch Pump Control LP
915421 Solar Power Pump Control
931600 Handheld Wireless Long Range
938000 Bidirectional Wireless control
Extended Range Heavy Duty Radio Module


Short Range up to 2000 ft ( 600 meter)

Medium Range up to 2 Miles  (3 Km)

4  Budget Wireless Systems

5  Medium Range Wireless Systems


Special Options Available:

      Warning: Radio control equipment in not to be used in life safety.
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